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The Tiny Little Happiness Corner – Jul 2021

by David Ward

Twelve, yes this is my twelfth episode! That is twelve short readings about happiness for The Tiny Little Happiness Corner in my first year. Although I was hoping for this consistency and stamina on my behalf it really does feel so ‘soul nourishing’ when you achieve it. I sincerely hope that you have found it equally fruitful for your body, mind and soul and found them equally fulfilling. Indeed, looking up the meaning of the number 12 apparently it signifies harmony, peace, completeness and self-improvement and much more.

We might want to consider the importance of the number 12, such as the 12 disciples with direct connections to things like God’s will and power. Incidentally, willpower is that resolve to persevere and be resilient, which will ring a bell with this month’s calendar. It is also an angelic number composed of 1 and 2 meaning respectively, a new start and balance. So, there we are twelve months on down the line and the happiness corner is more than alive and well. Thank you all for reading these stories, and please keep doing so. Now for the topic based, on being free and freedom. Firstly, because these were two prophetic words that came to mind one evening and secondly because these two words are somehow weaved into happiness.
To be free and thus taste freedom is incredibly rare for some parts of the world and their inhabitants. Not surprisingly such people also strive for happiness just like everyone else, including you the reader. Upon reflection I suppose that my sustenance in writing these short stories is indeed being free to write on a topic that is both engaging and desirable by all, a sort of win/win. So, thank you for sharing this journey with me.
So how does free and freedom weave with or into happiness?

Well first and foremost I believe freedom of the spirit is a sign of happiness or, said another way, you  can’t be truly happy if you are not free. But your (degree of) freedom can be self-imposed or imposed by others. Here I focus here on the first instance because it truly is a question of deciding not to be prisoner anymore or for that matter being a prison keeper for others. I think it is a bit like the topic of forgiveness we tackled a while ago, where you realise that by forgiving someone for something you release yourself, that is you realise that you are the true prisoner. In other words, it is a choice.

Some people say that the key to happiness is being free, certainly, in my opinion, it is one of THE keys to unlock that prison. Indeed, every time I have been in a situation where I felt imprisoned, I have realized that I needed to forgive before opening the lock of my prison and moving on to greener pastures to be truly free.
I also believe that being free has an unbounded and personal accountability, in other words, we cannot be free at the expense of someone else’s freedom. So here we have the perfect connection with happiness and freedom. Happiness and freedom are partners in ensuring that free people are also responsible people, they should feel accountable for themselves and others. Our ‘happiness space’ is therefore bounded by respecting the people and things that are around us. The more we forget this the more likely we will build prisons for others, as well as ourselves. Building prisons for ourselves, and others, guarantees unhappiness; hence we have to be very aware that we are not just the prison keepers but also the prison constructors. This means that freedom is not free, it is something that we need to strive for. It is a wise investment. Through our endeavors and relevant struggles, we will be awarded freedom and happiness providing we respect ourselves and others. For this reason we need willpower and conviction.
So, on a closing note, this month, or ‘Jump back up’ July, although focuses on resiliency, it still provides us with an opportunity to build our freedom and remove the prisons we have built for ourselves and others.

Have a happy July and seek and deliver freedom for yourselves and others.
As always thanks for reading as far as here.