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The Tiny Little Happiness Corner – Aug 2020

by David Ward

If you were asked to have just one go at changing this world for the better where would you start?
What action would you take? Would it be, eliminating wealth such as money or property? Would you choose modifying the very concept of time and how we use it? Would it be eliminating all boundaries such as class, gender, age, territorial?
I know this is a very tough question, a mammoth task, a God-like challenge, perhaps impossible.

My answer is Happiness and to this end I have accepted the challenge to set up this tiny corner in this article. I’ve called it the ‘The Tiny Little Happiness Corner’.
In it I want to spread, actually seed, the word of happiness, a skill we can all learn, a gift we are given, a call of duty to help us all achieve it. I am not alone, and indeed there are many who have already taken on this challenge. So, where do we start? Allow me to point you in a direction, Action for happiness. It was set-up and managed by people with the sole intention of helping us all to be happy. This is where I started. I came across this incredible source of happiness by pure chance and decided (almost two years ago) to download the ‘happiness calendar’ they regularly make available.

I then made a couple of hard copies. They were gobbled up by my colleagues literally in minutes. So, I printed more and now I have a circular email of over 70+ recipients! I’ve given copies to friends, acquaintances, left them in shops, sent them to people of all walks of life around the world in different languages too.

The calendar is a monthly theme driven daily tool with a different theme for every month, this month is Altruistic August. Each day has a topic, short sentence, a thought to help us grow and generate happiness for the benefit of others and ourselves. So be prepared in the coming issues to read more about happiness, your happiness!

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